creeper, creepy, a person that makes sexual jokes all the time
me: hey lisbeth

lisbeth: hi (sex joke)

me: -.- your such a lisbeth
by its meee :3 December 07, 2010
Top Definition
Easily the most beautiful and attractive woman in the world, any man would be lucky to have her as his woman. No matter how much she denies her beauty and sex appeal it is undeniably present. She loves mightily with all her heart, and is everything anyone could ask for.
Lisbeth loves Alex.
by lisbethlover May 29, 2009
-in love with a David
she loves david, she must be a lisbeth
by lisbethlovesm3 June 10, 2011
To violently rape someone in exchange for money (European usage).

To rape someone more or less violently (American usage).
You were right! That black guy lisbethed me so hard last night, but I won't press charges, 'cause he's my man now.

When I do have anal intercourse, i like to have it lisbethly.
by Mushywalrus January 06, 2013
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