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The randomly chosen alias name for a character type. A girl who is disillusioned by romantic movies and false hopes. A girl who is constantly disappointed by imperfect reality. A "Lisa Kolstad" cannot keep friends well, nor can she overcome her own self-consciousness. A "Lisa Kolstad" is intelligent, but driven entirely by hormones and emotion. A "Lisa Kolstad" has no real sense of the word "love", or its real meaning, due to her shallow understanding of human emotional commitment. A girl who fits the character type, as a "Lisa Kolstad", would be a deviant individual, skilled in her facade, but a scared child on the inside; crying over the smallest of all problems. A "Lisa Kolstad" would need to make contact with her mother via cell/other at least two times per day to avoid spontaneous combustion and/or dehydration due to excessive loss of water via the tear-ducts. The average "Lisa Kolstad" uses sexual adventures as a foundation for social-acceptance and the self-analysis of worth, failing to realize that these ventures only further solidify the fact that the "Lisa Kolstad" is indeed a slovenly whore, for all intents and purposes, even if on accident. (Lisa Kolstad is not a mention to a real human being, nor do we mean to slander anyone of this name. The name was put together as a combination of two different character names as a previously thought impossible combination of immaturity and insignificant rationale).
"Wow man....that girl is suck an LK. She's watched The Notebook one too many times"


"Dude, Stephanie is such a Lisa Kolstad. She's not even decent enough to BE a tease. What a waste"


"Maybe if she wasn't such a Lisa Kolstad, she would have realized how to fix it"


"Only a Lisa Kolstad would drink a beer while having sex. Where did she learn that? Coyote Ugly? How crude"
by FarewellFairWeatherFriend September 05, 2009

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