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LiquorLung is the absorbing of alcohol so intensely built up over many hours of drinking that the flesh of the stomach can no longer hold anything within its walls and the alcohol (or Liquor) begins to flow into the next available organs, the lungs, causing heavy breathing and slow speach. The amount of food eaten, the weight of the person, the gender of the person, and the resistance to alcohol are all factors in the absorbtion of alcohol and the possible resulting impairment. If you have been LiquorLunged, make sure you have plenty of friends around to help keep an eye on you. As long as you are physically able to lift your drink to your lips you should be fine. Being active always helps as well, whether physically, sexually, dancing, talking, tossing your cookies, etc. Hope to get LiquorLunged with you in the near future. Hope this description has helped with your understanding.

LiquorLung, the word and group came to be at the 2005 College World Series. The most phenomenal woman (whooooo'er {definition below}) you could imagine walked by and we invited her to the RV to share a beer with us. As she was talking to me, my friend stuck his tongue out and smiled in a playful way to me. She caught him out of the corner of her eye and took offense. She said "nice talking to you" to me and I told her she shouldn't leave just yet. Expecting a goofy pickup line or something, she smiled and asked why. I pointed to my friend and said "that guy's tongue is so long, he could stick it in your ass and lick your lung." Taking immediate offense, she headed on. Her attitude was extreme and not someone I felt would have been beneficial in anyway to hang out with so I was fine with that. And that was the beginning of LiquorLung... Anytime a beauty would walk by "LiquorLung" was shouted and, surprisingly, stopped quite a few ladies Not wanting the same thing to happen as before, I came up with an alternative meaning when the women asked what LiquorLung meant. I told them it is when you drink so much alcohol that your stomach can not absorb any more and the liquor ends up in your lungs. So getting LiquorLunged to most meant getting shitfaced. It has grown into an everyday term for those of us that were there and ultimately is the group name of the most amazing and fun group of people you could ever share a drink and hang out with.
Ol boy sure did drink too much tonight. Looks like he's LiquorLunged.
by May 07, 2009
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