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Lust, a love that will fall apart easily, not commited
Stupid bitch, leave me alone, it's not a liquid love, I won't leave her for you
by Chris December 13, 2005
also know as manspray, hot mang butter, jungle juice, spooge, jiz, cum, etc, etc, etc.
I shot my Liquid Love all over that bitch's eye.
by Cecil Brockton October 15, 2005
An all to common nickname for LSD(d-lysergic acid diethylamide). Beliefs are that the world could be a better place if everyone was given the chance to try it.

This is also a schedule 1 drug in the USA, this is because normal citizens should be kept from trying a gift from god himself.
Hey Everyone, the Liquid Love has arrived!
by lethargic tendencies July 21, 2009
1. cum
2. hot chocolate
I link to drink liquid love.
by punkdude October 30, 2003