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1: Slang term for heroin in New York in the 70's and 80's.

2: Cult, New-Wave film starring Anne Carlise in a duel role as both the lead male and female. Concerns Margaret, a depressed model in New York who's life in changed forever when tiny aliens land on her apartment roof seeking heroin users to feed off endorphines released by their brain when they inject the drug (and killing them in the process). The Aliens soon discover that orgasms experienced by Margaret's various sexual partners are just as nice and begin killing them off one by one during sex, more often than not however, this is much to Margaret's benifit. A powerful and visually stunning film.
Directed by Slava Tsukerman (1982)
1: Man, I need my fix of that Liquid Sky!

2: Did you ever see that movie Liquid Sky? It's far-out!
by Simon Read August 24, 2007
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