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A highly distressing, aggressive, watery form of diarrhea. The sort that requires the victim to station him or herself very close to the bathroom for the duration of their illness, lest they be caught short. Liquid Party Bum is different from your average bout of the shits, in that the discharge is effectively brown bowel-water that gushes uncontrollably when released. The accompanying sound is equally unpleasant, and has been known to haunt those that hear it for the rest of their lives. Those suffering from LPB are, almost invariably, housebound for the duration of their illness.
Steve: "Where's Tony at? I though he was linkin' us here at 7?"

Richard: "Nah bruv, dude went to some ghetto curry house last night.... today man's got Liquid Party Bum like you wouldn't believe..."

Steve: "Allow Tony then... he's a wasteman anyway..."
by The Knowledge.. February 23, 2012
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