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Modest yet fashionable
modest yet fashionable Lipstick Muslim is the way to go
by Muslima22 December 19, 2011
-a very stylish and fashionalbe Hijabi
-one who wears incredible accessories designed and hand-made by the coolest people in the world
-a Muslim female that is very fashion forward, chic, and HOT, yet still modest
girl with boring hijab:OMA where did u get that amazing 3 piece elegant metal hijab pin, connected with a silver chain elegantly dangled across?!
Lipstick Muslim girl: oh this, i got it from lipstickmuslims.com of course!
by amml December 19, 2011
a feminine, diva, fashionable muslim hijabi.
Look at the way she accessorize her hijab, she's such a lipstick Muslim.
by basoooma December 18, 2011
A feminine, diva, fashionable muslim hijabi. The term is coined by two Lipstick Muslim sisters who are the definition of fashionistas.
If you would like to take on the task of being a Lipstick Muslim, visit lipstickmuslims.com
by Lipstick Muslim in the making December 18, 2011