Pronounced Lip-in-skid. The act of massaging the dot with one's lips and ending up with chin skids and brown lips.
After the footy David and his mates all went back for a "Lipinski" party.
by alaugh January 23, 2009
Top Definition
Lipinski is the last name of a person who cannot be compared to anyone else because a Lipinski is at the top of the list. They give great advice and dress so well.
"Wow, that Lipinski is hot!"
by PopStar205 January 06, 2005
one of the sickest mutha fuckas around
Lipinski held his freshly ironed money in the air while smacking a bitch with his hunny beater
by oakville thugz May 01, 2005
An old man hoarder with everything your looking for.
Q: Where would I find a power adaptor for my Nokia n95?
A: Check Lipinski
by bigdealpickle April 11, 2011
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