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An ancient language originating O'er Der in the bedroom of one of the first "lipians" in the small town of Fredonia, NY. The first lipians used phrases such as, "your lips" and "Zed-uh". Some say the creator of this ever popular and growing language was none other than her lips himself, D.B. The language continues to grow into many American states as new "Lips" are learned in the Language, some say art, of Lipian speaking. Your lips are now engulfed in flames as your muff fire ravages from within. You are now pry exposed and educated in the fine art of lipian. Some say it is more than a language, but rather somewhat of a cult phenomenon. I'm now pry set as it is smelling like thanksgiving O'er there and I now must Snap them before would be villains come o'er her and open my vindie and catch a baldic in their muff handle-ahee. Something-onit-ahee. Late. Yours truly gone Ghost, Tony Starx-ahee.
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by Tony Starx March 15, 2004