A male who is a slut when it comes to kissing mutiple girls within weeks of each other.
That guy is such a lip bandit!
by Annji December 15, 2005
Top Definition
One who can't resist the urge to suck a cock. Your typical lip bandit, tends to be found in both rural and urban areas. Habitats include; public parks, "glory holes," restrooms, and most heavily wooded areas, not with held to national parks. These merciless succubus tend to congregate near a steady bass beat during down time. Should one encounter such a creature most Ex-bandits recommend approaching with caution. These uncouth mammals have a way of always covering their trails.
Person 1: "I caught that goddamned lip bandit you were with at that damned dollar general!!!"

Person 2: " I don't know what you're talking about..."

(Lip bandits are a lot like the Illuminati) See Illuminati.
by AfghaniRage May 11, 2014
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