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the ring of hair around your butt hole
I shaved my gooch and my lions mane today.
by n a f t a June 04, 2009
A very homosexual act in which one man ejaculates onto the other man's back hair, and spiking the hair in a mane like shape.
Jeremy got the worse lion's mane last night, it took him 12 hours to de-tangle the hair on his back.
by Jeff Brandt September 09, 2007
Whilst giving fellatio in an inibriated state, the person recieving the act then proceeds to vomit all over the head and back of the fellatio giver, thus giving the appearance of a male lion's mane.
after a long night of drinking, John and Jane went upstairs only to have Jane run back downstairs with a brand new lion's mane
by Poppa Diddy Pop August 16, 2005
An untreated genital warts/HPV infection that's reached incredible mass in proportion to the rest of the penis. The warts - especially when emerging from beneath the foreskin appear as a "mane" - hence, Lions Mane to describe the condition.
Careful with those 5-dollar hoes, they'll probably give you Lions Mane.
by Big Don Griener April 27, 2006
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