To be a mess or "messy"
Derived from the argentinian footballer Lionel Messi
"woah that custard slice was a bit lionel"
by Chazzy _D September 17, 2007
Cockney rhyming slang for flared trousers re: 'flares' - shortening of the full phrase 'Lionel Blairs'.
Fuck me! Look at the size of the Lionels on that twat!
by Pastor Kidneys December 20, 2007
Or "the Monk" due to his birds nest barnet which is currently defying all scientific reasoning with it's miraculous regrowth. This poor misguided City fan is sometimes partial to wine with his lunch, other times partial to Guinness with his lunch. Mostly, though, due to being barred from the local Chinese chippy, he skips lunch altogether and has wine with Guinness. Ruthless with the ladies and will often turn them down with reckless abandon (.....)
Lionel: Most likely to be heard saying, "Hold me back, hold me back" of a night out.
by Ule Neverwalk Alone February 01, 2007
Something/Someone that can be slightly or considerably queer.
That guy in the purple tights is lionel.
by Marlon Sangalangalang yo October 21, 2007
Since the former Commodore's singer is a massive douche bag (especially because of horrendous song "Dancing On The Ceiling" and his slutty daughter), "Lionel" or "Lionel Richie" is used as a substitute for a massive douche or tool bag.
ALSO: "Pulling a Lionel" can be referred to as doing something that a douche would.
"Ugh! My lame teacher is such a Lionel."
"Wow, that douche just pulled a Lionel."
by Kornncartman May 13, 2005
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