an argentinian motherfucking midget that sucks at the beautiful game of soccer. He can scratch Cristiano Ronaldo's balls. Amen.
Real Madrid fan- Cristiano Ronaldo is the best!!!
Barca fan- that guy is gay messi is better.
Real Madrid fan- Why doesn't messi tell that to his face? oh wait he's a fucking midget. he can't reach him. and Lionel Messi is gay with Ibrahimovic
by REAL MADRID FC April 27, 2011
Top Definition
Young Argentinian super-talent, showed impressive play at the U-20 World Championships and continues to do so at FC Barcelona.

Often compared with Diego "hands in mi pocket" Maradona.

Man did u see the u-20 world cup, lionel messi took every award there was LOL!
by Alessandroooooooooo January 23, 2006
A young Argentine soccer star who currently plays for both Argentina and F.C. Barcelona. Having dominated in the u-20 Cup, he went on to become a all-time leading scorer for F.C. Barcelona. He is often compared with Diego Maradona, who declared Messi his prodigy.
C. Ronaldo: How did Barcelona win the Club World Cup?
Pep Guardiola: Because we have Lionel Messi, thats how!
by FDGBoxman December 22, 2011
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