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Lifting a small animal or child into the air and singing the circle of life, preferably with some sort of light shining on you, like rafiki does to simba at the start of the lion king.
Girl 1: dude, if you do don't stop lion kinging the cat, she's gonna scratch your eyes out.

Cat: Meeeoooowwwww *scratch*

Girl 2: I deserved that
by claire2520 March 11, 2010
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Putting any transferable pigment (e.g. eye shadow, slow drying ink, or face paint) on your thumb then drawing a line across a victims forehead whilst shouting "Simba".
1: So yeah i went to see the Lion King 3D it's really good
2: Oh? Who's your favourite carachter?
1: Probably Rafiki. Yours?
2: Mine's definitely *rubs thumb across forehead* SIIIIMBAAAH!

Prime example of a real life Lion Kinging
by The guy drinking a frappachino November 27, 2011
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When you nuzzle into someone, (generally into their neck) in a cute and slightly atavistic fashion, much like employed by Simba and Nala in the popular Disney film, "The Lion King"
Hannah; What are you doing?
Rhiannon; Lion King-ing you. What? It's cute!
by RhiannonD May 13, 2008
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When you hold your phone up in the air looking for a signal
"I was in the middle of nowhere lion kinging my ish tryin to find signal!"
by Miss Tuckaaaaa July 24, 2012
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The act of holding up your dog 6 feet in the air while singingCircle of Life.”
I Lion Kinged the shit out of my dog last night!

"Lion King" FAIL example: While Lion Kinging my 2lb. dog, he jumped out of my arms and fell six feet down and hit his head. As a result, I will NEVER Lion King AGAIN!
by lv4kiki October 01, 2014
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