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by FAR the best Disney movie ever x3 especially becuase disney is making crappy movies now

and yes i know all the words to the songs and basically the whole movie...x3
simba: hey uncle scar guess wat?
scar: *mutters* i despise guessing games..

simba: hey scar when im king, what'll that make you?
scar: a monkeys uncle
simba: *laughs* ur so wierd
scar: u have nooo ideaa

Timon: what do u want me to do dress in drag and do the hula!?!

last one ;)
Pumbaa: as my good buddy timon always says, u gotta out ur behind in ur past...uhhhh
timon: no no no, amature, sit down b4 u hurt yourself..(now to simba)its you gotta put ur past, behind you....bad things happen and theres nothing u can do about it right?
simba: right..
timon: WRONG, when the world turns its bac on u, u turn ur bac on da world
simba: well thats not wat i was taught
timon: well maybe u need a new lesson....
*hakuna matata*

hehe x3 im not lion king obsessed wat R u talking about *shifty eyes*
by snoww July 15, 2006
When you wipe your cum across a girls forehead and start calling her Simba.
I was having sex with this random girl last night, and then I pulled a lion king and now I have her name as Simba in my phone.
by StumbleInn December 13, 2009
when you cum on a girls forehead and then draw a line across the forehead with your thumb and whisper "Simba"
frank-"she told me i drew a line across her face with my cum and whispered "simba"

Joe-"ahh nice bro you gave her the ol' lion king"
by Brutus the Interpreter October 28, 2010
A significantly older sexual partner in a male same-sex relationship (as opposed to 'cougar' for an older woman).
My Lion King has a real job and his own place, unlike me.
by myleftone April 12, 2010
When your either receiving a blow job or having sex, you pull out of the girl and bust in a bowl. You then stick your thumb in the bowl, and wipe cum on the girls forehead. You then proceed to whisper "simba"
Yo my boy cisco gave this girl the lion king last night
by superman1043543 September 24, 2009
the best disney movie ever made i kno all the words 2 it and i kno the african words and i kno wut they mean and i can recite the movie by heart and ive loved the movie ever since i was 3!!
the best movie on earth!! that evry1 should c at least once
by obsessive bobo April 04, 2004