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Pronounced: (Loi tiqut low) A disease that originates from a bacteria, usually from lack of sleep and/or sleeping in a cold place. The bacteria migrates to the esophagus, were it lays dormant until a certain temperature is achieved. Once at approximately 52 degree (F), The bacteria "Awakens" and begins to multiply. The bacteria then causes the vocal cords to rupture. After the destroying of the vocal cords, the bacteria forms new ones and make you sound like Morgan Freeman or another awesome announcer.
Guy 1: "Dude your voice sounds so cool!"
Guy 2: "Dude, I have Liolitequtolwol..."
Guy 1: "Oh man, I'm so sorry..."
Guy 2: "I sound cool though, eh?"
by TheOnlyAvester October 26, 2010
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