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to hook up later
Linkz me up and we'll go halves.
by Amber Justine November 09, 2003
4 1
a gangster word for asking or demanding something to be passed to you.
"yo linkz me that next tequila"
by gungalah January 08, 2008
8 1
Member of Voogru servers for MOD Natural Selection for Half-Life.
Creator of clan -1337-h4xX0r-
Easy to pwn, easy to be hacked.
Player: Is that normal?
(2)Player: Is what normal?
Player: That guy has a tank in an Humans Vs. Aliens Game O_O
Linkz: Har Har, die puny rule followers Bwahahahahahahhahahaha!
by Linkz (The Hacker) September 28, 2003
2 2