-Everything that is wrong with radio, music on television, and America.
-They ruin eveyone's day when they come on the radio, because the only thing worse than a punk-emo band is a nu-metal emo band....that thinks they can rap.
-Their fanbase generally consists of suburban 'rebel' teens who started listening to LP in response to N'Sync and Creed.
Of course, Linkin Park is no better than Creed or Nickelback, etc.
-Apparently Linkin Park makes them feel hard & streetwise, as their fans are usually snotty, hot topic shoppers, who empower the capitalist machine by buying the crappy corporate music and clothing pushed to them.
Dude 1- Man this mosquito has been buzzing round my ear all day and it's annoyin the shit outta me!
Dude 2- No dude, that is just Linkin Park, they've been on the radio all day ever since they sucked Rupert Murdoch's dick.
by Hozzle May 07, 2007
I mean, Look at them, seriously.
Person a: Isn't that the guy from Linkin park.?

Person b: Yea man, let's jump him.
by e55 December 08, 2008
A really shitty metalcore band for people who that its a "big deal" that a band writes all their songs. They must be hXc, cuz they bleep out the word shit from their song high voltage. Wooo, really pushing the envelope arent they.
Stefano: "I like Linkin Park."
Everyone else: "Fuck you, Linkin Park is complete shit."
by 187onamotherfuckingcop January 23, 2007
possibly the shittiest band in existance...they know like 2 guitar chords and they fucking suck..
linkin park fan: omg theyre soo cool i could just suck them all if they asked me

everyone else: Die you fucking loser
by Mr. Ed February 28, 2005
what you've heard is true, Linkin Park is a poser Nu-Metal band whos message is "im rich and everybody loves me, but im just so sad"
they take a very long time to think of songs and lyrics, if you dont belive me, just look at reanimation...its the second album which does nothing but remake their past songs by rearranging their lyrics a bit and make it seem like the cd is skipping....really, really, bad way to make a second cd...im sorry
i believe in free speech, but please, shut the hell up
by CorrodedBeing December 01, 2004
One of the most famous rock groups today. Subjects to critics online that no one knows.
I'm a Linkin Park fan, and I don't see the whole point of dissing them online. Keep your opinion to yourselves, you don't see me dissing your favorite band do you!?
by army_azn January 11, 2005
A band isulted by losers who know nothing about them and don't understand that you can't form a good opinion on a band by listening to them for ten seconds. Their music is a mix of rock, old school hip hop, and electronic vibes.
"I heard 'Numb.' Linkin Park sucks."
"Listen to more of their music, you'll like it."
by someone March 08, 2005
One of the latest pop sensations. Linkin park are not dissimilar to other boy bands like the backstreet boys. All of their songs are about their parents in one way or another and how they are so angry at them. Their genre has been called such things as rock metal rap ect, however they have started a reasonably new genre called angry parent rock because all they do is scream about their parents.

The fans of these bands 14 year old skanks and boys of all ages because they think its hardcore alternative shit. In defense of liking this utter tripe they say things like 'each to their own' and "if you don’t like it shut the fuck up" This is expected from Linkin Park fans because it is generic and they have no mind of their own just like the band they blindly worship.
Linkin Park Singer: I AM ANGRRRRY AT MYYY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!
Linkin Park fan: You fucking rock! I said fuck! i listen to linkin park! I am the most hardcore badass dude in teh world!!!
human being: why dont you just dance along to 'hit me baby one more time'
by AngryLiam March 15, 2005

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