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-Everything that is wrong with radio, music on television, and America.
-They ruin eveyone's day when they come on the radio, because the only thing worse than a punk-emo band is a nu-metal emo band....that thinks they can rap.
-Their fanbase generally consists of suburban 'rebel' teens who started listening to LP in response to N'Sync and Creed.
Of course, Linkin Park is no better than Creed or Nickelback, etc.
-Apparently Linkin Park makes them feel hard & streetwise, as their fans are usually snotty, hot topic shoppers, who empower the capitalist machine by buying the crappy corporate music and clothing pushed to them.
Dude 1- Man this mosquito has been buzzing round my ear all day and it's annoyin the shit outta me!
Dude 2- No dude, that is just Linkin Park, they've been on the radio all day ever since they sucked Rupert Murdoch's dick.
by Hozzle May 07, 2007
Contrary to what most people are saying on this site, LP are actually a good group. Yes they aren't as good as other Nu-Metal bands like Korn and Disturbed (I wouldn't even consider them Nu-Metal or any kind of Metal music really, more like straight up Rap Rock) but they are still a very creative, talented band that's a helluva lot better than most Rap/Pop crap on the radio today.
Linkin Park is not great, but still good. Too many people are just closed minded.
by Gaaraofthedamned January 29, 2012
They were a badass, mainstream nu-metal/rock band from 1996 - 2004, before they started to become more calculated in their approach to songwriting and decided to appeal to their fans' parents with 'Minutes To Midnight'

Since 2012, Linkin Park have been trying and failing to compete with their first two albums, due to the absence of their passion for music.
Friend 1: "Hey.. Did you hear that new Linkin Park album?
Friend 2: "Argh.. I gave up with them after Minutes To Midnight but i'll check it out."
by Dagnammit June 19, 2014
One of the Best Bands of the last years , 2000-present

Their music works good for people who has been rejected or who feels bad , their songs help people to get through hard moments , and they are just Awesome.
If you think they're bad , then you don't know how it feels to be mistreated , or you're just part of the problem
I been Rejected my whole life , and people always makes fun of me, and Linkin Park songs describe just how i feel right Now, and they helped me realize that people are Stupid.
by MisterUglyFace December 13, 2012
Shit "band" that makes shit "music" that angst filled teenagers like to listen to. Mostly songs about running away, and how no one understands them. All the songs sound the same.
Person one: Linkin Park rules, they understand what I feel inside my dark soul...
Person two: Shut the fuck up.
by CHEESEGOD October 06, 2004
Linkin Park is made up of six band members:
Chester Bennington - Vocalist
Mike Shinoda - Backup Vocalist/Emcee, Guitarist, Keyboardist
Brad Delson - Guitarist
Rob Bourden - Drummer
Dave "Pheonix" Farrell - Bassist
Joe Hahn - Sampler

Linkin Park has had 5 studio albums, Hybrid Theory (2000), Meteora (2002), Minutes to Midnight (2006), A Thousand Suns (2008), and LIVING THINGS (2011).

Linkin Park really cannot be labeled, it is really a hybrid mix of many genres, including Alternative, Nu-Metal, Rock, Rap Rock, and Pop.

Linkin Park is a growing band, who brings something new to the plate every album.
Chris - "Hey have you heard that one song, Burn it Down?"
Aiden - "Yeah, that song is from my favorite band, Linkin Park"
Chris - "The same band who did In the End? Wow, they're music really varies."
by Fading Echo August 31, 2013
Linkin Park is a band consisting of 6 guys. The majority of their collection of songs is somewhat dark and grim. I think the genre is rap/metal is what I've heard.
Now, I've heard that most people don't like Linkin Park, but that's only because LP's style does not appeal to them. Well, to each his own, as I would say. If you don't like it, keep your mouth shut.
"Hey, did you hear "Breaking the Habit?"
"Yeah, isn't it that song about suicide?"
"Heck yeah, like it can't get any grimmer than that."
by inksplot March 11, 2005
Band who does write their own songs. who gets wrongly accused by jackasses. Its stands for purely goodness.
GosH.. Dis music is so linkin park.. everyone loves it
by Sabaratnam July 09, 2004