-Everything that is wrong with radio, music on television, and America.
-They ruin eveyone's day when they come on the radio, because the only thing worse than a punk-emo band is a nu-metal emo band....that thinks they can rap.
-Their fanbase generally consists of suburban 'rebel' teens who started listening to LP in response to N'Sync and Creed.
Of course, Linkin Park is no better than Creed or Nickelback, etc.
-Apparently Linkin Park makes them feel hard & streetwise, as their fans are usually snotty, hot topic shoppers, who empower the capitalist machine by buying the crappy corporate music and clothing pushed to them.
Dude 1- Man this mosquito has been buzzing round my ear all day and it's annoyin the shit outta me!
Dude 2- No dude, that is just Linkin Park, they've been on the radio all day ever since they sucked Rupert Murdoch's dick.
by Hozzle May 07, 2007
The worst excuse for a "Metal" band in the history of the world

Pop Rock group who sing about the same things, how they feel hurt, how they are misunderstood....Just like their fans think their lives are like.

They are millionaires and still moan and say they are sad...to get more money.

Fans are usually 13 year old "skaters" who think its hardcore and non mainstream...

Pathetic...Hopefully they "breakup" like all other boy bands
LP Fan "Did you go to the Linkin Park gig"

Me "No i went to see Manowar and Slayer instead"

LP Fan "Who?"

Me "Oh you know , bands that are METAL!"

LP Fan "Probably not as metal as LP"

Me "Fuck off you retard, go back with the cattle"
by Junglemanchild January 26, 2005
band that managed to combine rap and pop into some sort of fucked up hybrid that makes me lose all faith in human kind....
no comment.........this 'band' just blows plain and simple.
by linkin park sucks February 06, 2005
A band who everyone seems to have forgotten that they have made more than 2 albums. People tend to complain about how they scream to much, when if you actually bothered to listen to the 3rd and 4th studio albums you would realize they don't actually scream that much anymore.
Person One: "Linkin Park like scream sooooo much!!!"

Person Two: "Go buy Minutes to Midnight and A Thousands Suns you knob."
by Poofacedlarry February 17, 2012
A popular and rather successful band, Linkin Park offers something for everyone, while keeping the same timbre (that's a musical term, look it up). Reanimation, Hybrid Theory, and Meteora (excluding track 12, Session) were very well done, whereas the latest installment (feat. Jay-Z) bombed like Hell.
Friend 1: Did you hear that new song from Linkin Park?
Friend 2: You mean the new/old remixed song with Jay-Z?
Friend 1: That's the one.
Friend 2: It totally blew!
Friend 3: Bwahahaha!
by Cyberopts September 12, 2005
After years of intense research, it has been shown, contrary wise to the vocalized convictions by numerous definition givers, Linkin Park fans is in fact, not an overrated band whose fan base predominantly consists of 12 year old girls, gay little people, or angsty emos who shop at hot topic. It is suggested that perhaps not all fans are sadistic posers, or blinded teens, as such fans have already been attracted by emerging pop bands, such as ONE DIRECTION! The reminder of sane teens now focus on quality of music, depth of lyrics, and soul of band. Hit singles such as 'Numb' is found to be relatable to many teens all over the globe. Have you ever felt pressured? Bullied? Made to be someone else?
As teens are not mindlessly swooning over Linkin Park's good looks, but rather immersing themselves in the unique music style, they are actually enriching their lives. There is only a certain of amount of partying, love songs, heartbreaks, drugs, drinking, etc etc a teen can take before exploding, or switching to bands similar to linkin park.
* Kesha, Florida, JB, 1D playing 24/7
= Sane teen to go insane

Linkin park and such playing= equals sane teen, adult,or genuinely oppressed people to be calm and soothed .
by bdjerhjfefcsec December 09, 2012
A band who made 2 awesome albums known as Hybrid Theory and Meteora, made millions of fans, but then chose to take a shit in the ears of all those fans with every album released since. It is similar to what Metallica chose to do to their fans with all their shitty material released after the Black Album.
Random Tool: I love Linkin Park's new album!

by Illesification October 06, 2012
An awsome band that has saved countless lives.
A band that has used their own real life experences to help many others through tough times in their lives.

But get one thing straight...
me: linkin park kick ass
Friend: Yeah.. Must agree there..
by jennaLPU84 July 01, 2006
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