A crazy girl who is addicted to drama. She stops at nothing to hurt the people around her. She will often hurt the same people over and over again.
Adam- What's wrong with that girl
Leah- I bet she talked to Lindsey
by Alexis813 November 04, 2008
chronic boob sweat; usually girls that have this problem need to wear a deoderant of some sort on their cleavage; some side effects may be salty, smelly, or wet boobs
"I'm sorry but you have an incurable condition known as Lindsey."
by oteote January 29, 2009
The correct, and original form, of the name Lindsey.

Lindsey - Name ranked 115th in popularity for females.

Meaning: Linden trees by the brook.
Let us name the girl Lindsey.
by Crims November 17, 2006
the biggest loser out nobody is lamer then him
that lindsey guy is a loser
by falling37 April 14, 2009

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