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he is an amazing and cute guy with the best ASIAN smile. he has the effect of brightening up someone's day (even just by smiling). he is absolutely adorable. he's sooo funny. and last but not least he is my best friend :) RAWWR
lindsey is my bestfriend
by jesslovesyouuuuuuu April 11, 2010
24 134
the best guy in the whole world who loves his bestfriend jessica rose, cause their pretty much bad ass motherfuckers.
jess and lindsey are pretty bad ass huh?
by jessisabamff April 11, 2010
23 139
Is a name for a loose person with no moral's who enjoys taking advantage of everyone around her. A.K.A a virus
That girl is a Lindsey
by GeAL March 12, 2009
274 399
When a woman rips all of the testicles off a male’s body and consumes them. Usually, this is performed by a female that is gene-related to the hippo.
Hippo-Woman: "Do you know what comes next?"
Trapped Man: "N-nnoo, not-t the l-l-lindseyy AHHH!"
by fuckyouyoufatfuckingfuck February 21, 2009
333 467
A bitch; more specifically, Colter's Bitch
Marcus Lindsey needs to put the mother fucking water in the mother fucking fridge.
by TheColter February 04, 2010
53 189
chronic boob sweat; usually girls that have this problem need to wear a deoderant of some sort on their cleavage; some side effects may be salty, smelly, or wet boobs
"I'm sorry but you have an incurable condition known as Lindsey."
by oteote January 29, 2009
308 447
A crazy girl who is addicted to drama. She stops at nothing to hurt the people around her. She will often hurt the same people over and over again.
Adam- What's wrong with that girl
Leah- I bet she talked to Lindsey
by Alexis813 November 04, 2008
259 398