Usually the best and most wonderful person you can talk to. She is always there for you and you can always count on her to have your back. Yeah, she can have her mood swings, her boy flings, and her drama queen moments. But, in the end she is truly the best person anyone can ever know.
"Have you seen her today?"
"my best friend"
by moogy125 January 06, 2012
The most beautiful girl in the world who has an amazing personality. Everybody loves her and wishes they could be friends with her. When she is not around them, they get very sad. Although she has never had a boyfriend, the boys are lining up to get with her but know that they will never be good enough.
Guy #1: I wish I could date Lindsey
Guy #2: No, she's a goddess, no one will be good enough for her unless they are sent straight from heaven just like her
by AwesomePerson#2 November 25, 2011
A girl who is an amazing girlfriend, wouldn't cheat, or lie in a relationship. Could be happy with the same guy forever. She is a great person inside and out. She will always be there for everyone but especially for her boyfriend. She is beautiful, she is on the short side everyone loves that about her. She's teeny and could eat as much as she wants and never gain a pound. People admire her body because it's just so amazing. Guys think she has a body of a goddess, no one argues with that statement because its true.
GUY 1: who's that beautiful girl
GUY 2: oh that's Lindsey
GUY 1: i need myself a Lindsey
by Aborder October 23, 2011
She's a sweet, nice girl who hopes everyone can get along. She's the kind of person who'd drink anyone under the table--men and women alike--and be proud of it. She's considered one of the "bad influences", when really all she's looking for are true friends and a good time. She doesn't care about what people other than her friends think about her, and she's a great person for chat-sessions. She'll listen and give you tips and pointers when needed. She'd never call you a name, unless she meant it in a funny sarcastic way. She loves almost everyone...just don't get on her bad side. She knows how to use just the right words against anyone and everyone. She's a complex person...sometimes she doesn't know just where she is in the world or what her true meaning on the earth is, but after a night of hanging out with her pals, she's ready to accept her true fate. She's a teddy-bear with an iron heart. She always cares.
She's a really great person...

Yeah, that's a Lindsey for yah.
by People that know her. November 29, 2012
noun. a gorgeous girl that has it all figured out. Her smile is so infectious that whenever you're around her you can't help but be happy. Laughter is pleantiful wherever she goes. She is so kind that no one could ever hate her, and if they tried they would end up hating themselves. Drama is something that she hates and never starts. She happens to be a bit on the short side with her height, but that doesn't stop her from standing out. Her personality is so unique, at times it can be scary. This girl is living her life the way God wants her to with high morals and a servant's heart. She is the best friend anyone could ever ask for and that only some can attain. She is the most down-to-earth person you've met in a long time. You never tire from hanging out with her. She is your shoulder to cry on, helping hand when you need it, and sunlight when all around you is darkness.
Lindsey is my best friend since the beggining of middle school.

I wish Lindsey was here; I need someone to make me laugh.
by musicluvr623 June 13, 2011
The absolute GREATEST person you will ever meet. Fun loving and you could talk to her for hours. Usually she will have medium dark hair , a beautiful smile and blue eyes. You love her but yet wanna hate her because MANY MANY guys like her but, you just cant get yourself to hate her. She is a great friend and LOVES her friends, family and her phone.She is absolutely perfect in every way.And guys you want her but , you chance may never come she is an outstanding girl though so if your chance comes you are VERY lucky.......
Boy1 :Who is that girl over there she is freaking HOTTT

Boy2 :Oh she is a Lindsey........
by mickeymouse:))) June 10, 2011
Hottest girl you will ever meet or hear of. Boys will want to fuck her. Girls will envy her. She isn't the superstar of school. But she is your best chance at anything.
Girl 1:"My name is Lindsey"

Boy 1 to boy 2: Shit man I have been fantasizing to fuck this girl alll my life.

Girl 1:My name is Lindsey

Girl 2 to Girl 3: Fuck she will steal my man.
by roxstar12 April 12, 2011
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