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A Lindsey is a kind, selfless girl who anyone would be lucky to know. A Lindsey makes an amazing friend and is always there when you need someone to talk to. Anywhere she goes always ensures plenty of laughs and happiness, and her brown eyes are almost as big as her heart. She despises drama and never causes it, and one of her main goals in life is to just keep the ones she loves happy. She does have bit of a dirty mind, but is an extremely fun person to hang around with especially when it comes to trying new things. She is a beautiful girl both appearance and personality-wise, even though she can't see it. She asks for little but overall deserves so much more, and makes one of the best girlfriends any guy could want.
"I love Lindsey, she never fails to make me laugh."

"Lindsey has been one of my closest friends since I met her in middle school."
by DynamicHeroin July 18, 2012
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n. A person that you can spend hours with or talking to and you never grow tired of. They are the only person that can make you truly laugh. These individuals tend to be extremely smart and have the most beautiful smiles. Their presents cause you great joy and their absence only sadness. You only want to make them as happy as possible because their happiness is all you care about. Although you would give anything if they were yours, it will never happen. There are several reasons that you can’t be together and all you can do is dream of a life with someone that you will never have.
“There goes my Lindsey.”
by praying mantis7295 November 22, 2009
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The epitome of a perfect girl. She is smart, funny, and attractive, though she doesn't always know it, a Lindsey is about the best girl any guy can have. She's usually a blonde with blue eyes, perfect teeth, and a rockin' body. In addition, she is one of the nicest girls on the planet; she'll never hurt anyone intentionally. She is incredibly athletic, playing varsity sports while her friends play JV. Lindseys tend to play field hockey and lacrosse (sometimes volleyball or basketball too), which many guys love to see in a girl. She always supports her friends and makes herself available to them, even if it's inconvenient for her. She seeks a committed relationship with a guy who knows her and doesn't date just for the sake of dating. She'll never cheat, but knows how to comfort people who have been cheated on. Once she meets a guy, he can't stop thinking about her and everything he does, he does to make himself good enough for her, because, while she's not the most popular girl in her class, she's the whole package and he knows it. Lindseys are typically best suited for people named Robert and Will, who tend to have complementary qualities.
Look at that smoke over there; I wish i were good enough for that Lindsey!
by iloveulindsey August 05, 2012
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She's a sweet, nice girl who hopes everyone can get along. She's the kind of person who'd drink anyone under the table--men and women alike--and be proud of it. She's considered one of the "bad influences", when really all she's looking for are true friends and a good time. She doesn't care about what people other than her friends think about her, and she's a great person for chat-sessions. She'll listen and give you tips and pointers when needed. She'd never call you a name, unless she meant it in a funny sarcastic way. She loves almost everyone...just don't get on her bad side. She knows how to use just the right words against anyone and everyone. She's a complex person...sometimes she doesn't know just where she is in the world or what her true meaning on the earth is, but after a night of hanging out with her pals, she's ready to accept her true fate. She's a teddy-bear with an iron heart. She always cares.
She's a really great person...

Yeah, that's a Lindsey for yah.
by People that know her. November 29, 2012
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Well to me it means - the girl in the moon. Someone I look up at with joy and happiness. With truth in my heart and love in my soul. It means a friend that helps keep the home fires burning in my heart when the coldness of loneliness comes howling through my forest. Your name means smiles and laughter. It means real friendship and strength through chaos and madness. Your name, my beautiful friend is the only one that is more important then my own .for without the girl in the moon , I would have never been the boy below looking up ,free from my fears and truth in my heart.

Perfect for Italian men chasing dreams with spaghetti forks and chefs who want to feed a beautiful girl that will eat everything but no leftovers bleh . Loves shopping and yoga pants flip-flops and bong hits.
"I never knew lindsey like I know lindsey now, which taught me what I never knew about myself "
by Boydwnbelow January 03, 2015
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Usually the best and most wonderful person you can talk to. She is always there for you and you can always count on her to have your back. Yeah, she can have her mood swings, her boy flings, and her drama queen moments. But, in the end she is truly the best person anyone can ever know.
"Have you seen her today?"
"my best friend"
by moogy125 January 06, 2012
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a girl who can drink most men under the table without them knowing it, also characterized by being seductive and very influencial. a broad.
That girl is such a lindsey.
by *LZ* April 22, 2007
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