a girl who can drink most men under the table without them knowing it, also characterized by being seductive and very influencial. a broad.
That girl is such a lindsey.
by *LZ* April 22, 2007

Loves to fuck but her parents don't know it
Dude I wanna fuck Lindsey
by Fuck u all January 02, 2014
Person 1: Hey is that girl talking to her lint?!

Person 2: Wow she must be Lindsey! One of the legendary lint masters!

Person 1: She's cool! Lets go talk to her!
by Lindzar May 20, 2013
A fabulous pseudo-Brit.
"Was that cool girl's accent real?"
"nah man, that was a Lindsey"
by TheThirdMusketeer April 01, 2013
A cool person who is very sports-minded, LOVES to play basketball & volleyball, likes to dress in NIKE clothes, wears a side ponytail, and has perfect teeth.
-"Do you see that girl?" -"Oh yeah, she's such a Lindsey! Look at that shot she made!"
by Coolkid326 May 31, 2011
Lindsey is an attractive, kinda weird girl who makes weird noises all the time. She is funny, sexy, and hard to stay away from for long periods of times. She loves making out with her stuffed animals, and her redneck accent comes out alot. But she is also the most amazing girl I have ever met, and she is worth waiting for. Although VERY emotional, she is a strong individual, and she can do anything she wants if she puts her mind to it. She plans on marrying a kid name Mathew and having 2 kids with him, boy and a girl, whose names will be called Pepito and Maria. She is currently in a long distance relationship, but she hopes that everything will work out great. She plans on seeing this kid one day, and hopefully have a future with him, but she is also very nervous. She is the most amazing girlfriend ever, and she always puts a smile on your face. She is perfect in everyway, and she is to die for. She is very loving and caring, and no other girl compares to Lindsey.
Lindsey, will you marry me?
by DistantLove August 03, 2011
A stupid bitch that will cheat on you. She puts her sex life on display and will even lie to people saying she slept with you. She's two faced and will tell all your secrets. Once she thinks you're friends, you'll never get rid of her. Even if you tell her point blank you aren't friends, she'll still think you're kidding. She also has a nasty tooth that you will feel every time you makeout. It's so distracting once you notice it. Stay away from Lindsey's at all costs because you don't want to mess with her nasty ass
Ew, don't be a Lindsey
by Sarrrraaaaaaaa June 01, 2014

(1) The ex girlfriend you regret

(2) A girl who is a crazy bitch (not in a good way)

(3) A girl who has no tits or ass

(4) An ugly girl who thinks she's hot

(5) Someone who isn't very smart

(6) An airhead

(7) A girl who is a straight up slut and fucks anything with a pulse

(8) A bottle blonde


(1) To cheat on your boyfriend and get mad at him for it
Guy 1: Hey man didn't you date a lindsey
Guy 2: Yeah please never speak of that again

Guy 1: My girlfriend just cheated on me then blamed me for it
Guy 2: Oh man you just got lindseyed
by kitkatkate May 18, 2013

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