Ew.. Fish Lipped Whingy Fat Whore!
That Lindsay Has Lips Bigger Than Her Ass!
by Mark Crosier October 25, 2011
The biggest bitch ever. She is an ugly person, inside and out. Is jealous of everyone who is prettier than her...which is everyone! looks like a butthole. seriously, hate her. she is also fat. She is a two-faced person.
Friend-I hate her, i mean she i love her...

Me-wow, don't be a LINDSAY!

Friend-I wouldn't be able to live with myself if i was a LINDSAY.
by hatedumbbitches December 17, 2011
A fake slut who wears 30 dirty gallons of perfume and smells bad. She is the ultimate boner killer and the anti-viagra by teasing a guy until she is done with you and flirts with everyone else in the room in front of you and never does anything. Bitch make you read photo albums and don't put out. She has drama written all over her face and she is pretty till she open her big fat mouth. She is the biggest fake known to man. She thinks she is the shit and bandwagons because she does not know how to be herself. And she thinks cheerleading is a sport.
Shut up Lindsay
by I hate you a lot July 21, 2011
A lindsay is a florida term for a girl that wont skin and cook a dead animal. they are normaly very good looking.
Paris Hilton is a lindsay.
by Bawss Hawg July 15, 2006
A Florida term for a girl that wont skin or cook a dead animal and can be a very hot girl.
She was a lindsay, she wouldnt cut up and cook the road kill I gave her.
by Bawss Hawg July 13, 2006
A two timing girl who wants all the attention. Nuff said
Why would lindsay lead me on if she already had a boyfriend?
by stevenp816 April 08, 2010
Nickname for cocaine.
"Lets get Lindsay before we hit the clubs tonight"
by Leave Lindsay A-Lohan October 26, 2007

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