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A Florida term for a girl that wont skin or cook a dead animal and can be a very hot girl.
She was a lindsay, she wouldnt cut up and cook the road kill I gave her.
by Bawss Hawg July 13, 2006
A two timing girl who wants all the attention. Nuff said
Why would lindsay lead me on if she already had a boyfriend?
by stevenp816 April 08, 2010
Nickname for cocaine.
"Lets get Lindsay before we hit the clubs tonight"
by Leave Lindsay A-Lohan October 26, 2007
slang for coke, named after the amazingly infamous lindsay lohan
dude did you get the lindsay?, yea bro chill out, fiend.
by manny P October 26, 2007
A girl that is a fat cow and tries to get all the attention she can. No one likes her. She can't getr over herself or her ex. She stalkes her ex boyfriend and his girlfriend. A girl that needs the crap beat out of her. She is a slut and is a hoe. Has a boyfriend from a different state. But yet even though she has a boyfriend she has to stalk her ex and be a bitch. She is a stuck up bitch that like to be a starfish and lay on her back all day and she is a blow fish. Fucking her and like fucking a board.
Boy: "See that girl over there?"
other boy: " Yeah."
Boy: "Fucking her is like fucking a board"
Other boy: "She looks like a cow"
Boy: "She must be a Lindsay"
Other boy: "MOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
by monkeyballs123456789 November 23, 2010
the act of spilling one's drink over all unwanted food.
Chris: I'm full, I don't want any more french fries
Lien: Here, let me Lindsay it for you
by xChris08 January 21, 2008
adj. & noun, shortened from Lindsay Lohan

1. When your herb is full of red/orange hairs, thus resembling Miss Fire Crotch herself;
or just some really amazing herb

2. When your shit is still cherry

3. The cherry of a lit cigarette
"I just picked up a Lindsay sack. Let's pack a bowl."
"Hit it, it's still Lindsay."
"I really need to start packing my cigarettes. My Lindsay's always falling out."
by youreonastick September 05, 2007