A lindsay is a man that likes to rub his belly while he does his job. Some belive it is due to the man thinking they are pregant however latest study conducted by unsw has found it is because of the overweight of the person. They Usally struggle to run because of the belly going up and down rapidly.
"Look at that lindsay" said ruben
"They keep rubbing their belly" john said
"It is the biggest lindsay I have seen" I said
#fat #shaky #obese #overweight #notskinny
by Limdsayboy October 02, 2014
A controlling, needy pshycotic, ignorant slut. A bitch. Lindsays are often socially awkward unless around people they know. Lindsays can make wonderful friends. That is, until they get in a relationship. Once they are in a relationship their fun, easy going attitude completely disappears. Lindsays where the pants in all relationships. Really the only thing keeping the relationship together is great sex due to a gross amount of experience. If your dating a Lindsay you don't get to see your friends unless she is there, or else be prepared for a bitch fest.
"Dude why don't we ever see our friend anymore?" "He's dating a lindsay."
#bitch #slut #whore #psychotic #controlling #slave-driver #stanky #gross #loose
by Hogfarm March 15, 2015
1. Male form, tall, gorgeous and very talented with his hands. He is very attractive and desirable. His love-making is second to none and will take you into another dimension leaving you in another world for many hours or days. He is very, very sensual.

2. Highly intelligent with a quick rapier wit. He won't let you go without telling you a few good jokes first...or playing one on you!

3. He has a special connection with music and you may often see him with his ipod. But don't think he's 'tuned out' as he is very aware of his surroundings. He is always one step ahead of everyone else.

4. Bordering on psychic.
1. I was Lindsayed last night.
2. That guy was so funny I Lindsayed till i peed my pants!
3. I was listening to music all day yesterday getting pumped for the concert...I was so Lindsay yesterday!
4. Oh man how did you know it was gonna rain today? You must be Lindsay!
#male #tall #hot #sweet #smart #funny #sensual #psychic #loving
by linslvr February 07, 2010
Pretty bitch with no heart who flaunts herself around the male gender. A slutty whore who thinks she's all that. She sexts 13 year-old boys. Need I say more...
Boy: Wanna see these nudes that Lindsay just texted me?
Other Guy: Eww, gross. That Slut has been with every guy on the block.
#stupid #idiot #gross #slut #bitch
by how_about_no_? June 02, 2014
A Florida term for a girl that wont skin or cook a dead animal and can be a very hot girl.

Pairs Hilton is a lindsay.
#pairs #hilton #cut #skin #cook #florida
by Bawss Hawg July 14, 2006
A "LINDSAY" is an electronic house arrest device worn by a female. as worn b Lindsay Lohan.
Donna went to court for her DUI and she will be rockin' a "Lindsay" for the next 6 months.
#house arrest bracelet #electronic monitoring device #home cuffs #home jail #electric lady
by geincolo January 28, 2011
A jewish female with no top lip.
Man that lindsay sure looked jewish. I could tell she had no top lip.
#lindsay #jewish #female #lip #no #top #man #that #sure #look #could #tell #she #had
by Damon Johnstone April 28, 2011
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