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Sweet girl, weird phobias, NICE ass :)
Lindsay: None- one in a million lol
by Matt95 January 07, 2013
9 7
the technical term for a herd of llamas, giraffes, or any other long-necked creature.
The lindsay of alpacas advanced towards me, bobbing their abnormally long necks in unison. The rhythm of their swaying appendages was at once terrifying and oddly alluring.
by lukelele May 18, 2011
25 24
Lindsay is an animal lover, an awesome friend, pretty, smart, and has fantastic taste in music and movies. She loves video games, is outgoing and loud, and most of her friends are guys. She is a total tomboy, except she is also quite fashionable. She has tons of inside jokes with her friends, all of them either dirty or drop-dead funny. She is in no way related to Lindsay Lohan. She isn't insecure, but she never brags or betrays her friends. She loves literature and food, but she never seems to gain weight. Lindsay is a cool friend/girlfriend, but she doesn't like playing games. If you like her, tell her, otherwise you'll lose her.
Lindsay is super cool!

Damn, I wish I had asked Lindsay out.
by ForeverSims March 07, 2014
1 2
Pretty bitch with no heart who flaunts herself around the male gender. A slutty whore who thinks she's all that. She sexts 13 year-old boys. Need I say more...
Boy: Wanna see these nudes that Lindsay just texted me?
Other Guy: Eww, gross. That Slut has been with every guy on the block.
by how_about_no_? June 02, 2014
1 4
Sweet and compassionate. A name that reminds people of someone who is really open and with a good sense of humor. Beautiful eyes that are very colourful. Also shes ginger.....

p.s. very kinky o.o she'll do what you like... oh yeah she will !!
The ocean was very Lindsay
by SuperMegaUltraChicken July 18, 2010
71 81
1. Male form, tall, gorgeous and very talented with his hands. He is very attractive and desirable. His love-making is second to none and will take you into another dimension leaving you in another world for many hours or days. He is very, very sensual.

2. Highly intelligent with a quick rapier wit. He won't let you go without telling you a few good jokes first...or playing one on you!

3. He has a special connection with music and you may often see him with his ipod. But don't think he's 'tuned out' as he is very aware of his surroundings. He is always one step ahead of everyone else.

4. Bordering on psychic.
1. I was Lindsayed last night.
2. That guy was so funny I Lindsayed till i peed my pants!
3. I was listening to music all day yesterday getting pumped for the concert...I was so Lindsay yesterday!
4. Oh man how did you know it was gonna rain today? You must be Lindsay!
by linslvr February 07, 2010
45 75
A Florida term for a girl that wont skin or cook a dead animal and can be a very hot girl.

Pairs Hilton is a lindsay.
by Bawss Hawg July 14, 2006
287 320