Literally the coolest person you know. She quotes movies like it's her job, has great taste in music, and has a fantastic sense of humor. A Lindsay is often blatantly honest and sometimes it makes her sound like a bitch but she means well. She has a ton of friends but doesn't like to be tied down to any one group of people- she is a free spirit. Lindsay is a fun sexy girl and can be intimidating but she loves her friends; most of which are guys. She has incredible eyes, an amazing laugh, and a very pretty face. This girl is a keeper. But be careful letting her meet your family- if you break up they might chose her over you! She really isn't single for very long so if you have a window of opportunity TAKE IT or someone else will.
"Wow dude were you just talking to Lindsay?"
"Yeah. Damn she's incredible."
by AnGeLfAcE August 25, 2012
Not to be mistaken for the inferiorly spelled version: Lindsey. Lindsay is extremely pretty, with dazzling blue eyes and beautiful hair. She has amazing to talk to, and will always know exactly what to say to make your day better. She is neither loud nor quiet, but is kind to everyone she sees. She will encourage you, and make you enjoy life. She understands your problems and is always there for you. She is the perfect fit for a best friend or girlfriend. Lindsay is the best. People are lucky to have someone like her in their lives. 7.
For her definition you could also search pretty, hot, beautiful, gorgeous, or fox. Lindsay
by CrownCreeper June 12, 2011
Hotter than the flames of hell. Has her moods but is still always a great friend to anyone. If you cross her she'll be a bitch at times. Has the nicest ass that you will ever see. Makes sure she gets noticed in the room. A flirt but not when she has a boyfriend. Basically the nicest girl in school including the nicest body. She's sexy.
That girl's butt is definitely a Lindsay.
by Woahtheregirl December 07, 2011
A very beautiful, compassionate girl. Always wanting to help people. She is timid, but will speak her mind when she needs to. She is tender hearted, she doesn't talk about her feelings, because she is scared. She has many loving and amazing friends and a wonderful boyfriend,. However she feels incomplete.
by Takemewithyou. November 20, 2011
Lindsay is the most gorgeous girl EVER. She is 100% precious to me. I love her with all that i am and would sacrifice my life for her in half a heart beat. She is beyond the shadow of a doubt the greatest blessing God has ever bestowed upon me, and getting to know her over the past year and a half has been amazing. I look forward to every second that i get to spend with her, and God willing, those seconds will span the rest of my life.
Yesterday was gloomy until Lindsay showed up.

"And then i saw {Lindsay's} face! Now I'm a believer! I couldn't leave her if i tried!"
by -Will_Richardson- January 21, 2014
Lindsay is an animal lover, an awesome friend, pretty, smart, and has fantastic taste in music and movies. She loves video games, is outgoing and loud, and most of her friends are guys. She is a total tomboy, except she is also quite fashionable. She has tons of inside jokes with her friends, all of them either dirty or drop-dead funny. She is in no way related to Lindsay Lohan. She isn't insecure, but she never brags or betrays her friends. She loves literature and food, but she never seems to gain weight. Lindsay is a cool friend/girlfriend, but she doesn't like playing games. If you like her, tell her, otherwise you'll lose her.
Lindsay is super cool!

Damn, I wish I had asked Lindsay out.
by ForeverSims March 07, 2014
A beautiful, perfect girl that every guy loves. She is very artistic, a great singer, an awesome dancer, and best of all, the cutest smile ever!! You can't even describe how beautiful her smile is. Lindsay can sometimes be shy when singing in front of people, but other than that she is a wild child that will do anything you want her to do. Lindsay is loved by everyone, especially the guys. She can have any guy she wants but chooses only the tall, athletic, fit, very well endowed ones (only over 9") and sometimes women. Only because she can. Lindsay is a great friend, girlfriend, and sister. Whenever u need someone there for you, you can call Lindsay! Her beauty will astound you and her smile is captivating. The girl you will never forget!!
She is the most amazing person ever, that must be Lindsay.
by bbepper January 25, 2015

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