A "LINDSAY" is an electronic house arrest device worn by a female. as worn b Lindsay Lohan.
Donna went to court for her DUI and she will be rockin' a "Lindsay" for the next 6 months.
by geincolo January 28, 2011
Top Definition
1.a girl who is hotter than the flames of hell

2. the marvelous and mysterious temptress from the land of eternal joy

3. a girl who is smarter than albert einstein but as gorgeous as helen of troy (you know the one whose beauty started the epic war)

4. this girl is in NO way affiliated with Lindsay Lohan. Lohan simply stole this girl's name.
See that smoking hot amazing girl over there? Yep, she's a Lindsay.
by TheAwesomelyAmazingPerson April 14, 2008
Lindsay is a complicated girl. She's often shy so you don't really notice her. Lindsay could be the girl of your dreams. She likes things that guys like; sports and the same kinds of movies and music. She may seem plain to the untrained eye, but once you get to know her and really look, she is beautiful. Lindsay is a hopeless romantic and wants nothing more than to fall in love. She doesn't have much experiance with guys but she can't help but be picky because she knows there's that once special guy out there for her. She's a great friend. When you know her, she is the funniest person you know, but when you don't, she is extremely reserved. If you make the first move she'll know you're special. Lindsay knows there are other prettier (and/or sluttier) girls out there who you could fall for, but she wishes you'd notice her because once you do, you'll wonder why you ever went without her.
There's that freaky girl, Lindsay
She's not a freak, she's amazing

Lindsay is a total dude, she likes good movies and music

Lindsay...why have I never noticed you before?

I love you, Lindsay
by A lover not a fighter December 05, 2010
The most cutest, heavenly, sweet treatiest, scrumptious, nicest, blissful thing the world has ever seen. It is rumored that this shrine put on earth by God dates back to the 1980s, a period where rock and roll and sex ruled.
With a beam of light shining from the heavens above, the temple of Lindsay lies somewhere in the massive land of Tayha.
by Brent72188 June 16, 2008
a beautiful young woman who will never forget how to smile & love although many stones are cast and rumors are spread. She remains strong. She is not a delicate flower. She is not a butterfly with broken wings. Tho lovers become demons she refuses to give up staying positive.
Lindsay is the scapegoat for all your insecurities. An easy target for she's too nice.
by milhaos August 26, 2008
The original and correct spelling of the popular name meaning 'From the Linden Tree Isle.' Can be a name for both genders, but generally Lindsay is the female form, and Lindsey is the male form.

Other forms such as Lindsey, Lyndsay, Lyndsy, Linsay etc.. are just variants.
My name is Lindsay Renée. What's yours?
by Conniption May 19, 2007
the best friend anyone can ever have. really nice and funny and probably has TONS of inside jokes with you. shes GORGEOUS but doesnt brag about it. never mean and never selfish. shes the best friend in the world!
random person- whos that?
me- oh thats lindsay! shes my best friend!
random person- oh! shes so pretty!
by xSamxYeahx December 08, 2010
A woman who tastes like unicorn meat.
That piece of Lindsay I had last night was way better than the McRib I ate at lunch.
by Brad/Dave May 09, 2010
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