She is the best friend you can get. So stick to her, she is a one of a kind. She is hilarious, will always put a smile on your face, even without doing anything. Linda is very creative and a great singer. She can be a little bit cheeky, but never mean. Linda often denies her talents and her flawlessness.
Friend: Why are you smiling?
Me: It was just a thing Linda said today.
#linda #smile #best friend #one of a kind #creatice #girl name #talented #singer #drawer
by ProudDirectionerAndFangirl January 21, 2012
A beautiful, sweet, sexy girl. Shes more then meets the eye. Shes sweet but tough when she needs to be. The perfect creation of a women. Shes loyal, caring, and funny. She loves to help others, and has the kinda personality that people find so refreshing! Shes like a fresh breath of air. If you find a Linda consider yourself truly blessed, and never let her get away.
That girl Linda is a keeper, a dime piece, a perfect 10!
#linda #beautiful #angel #loving #amazing #funny
by Esachica April 30, 2012
The one of a kind girl you'll ever meet in your life! She's funny, nice, BEAUTIFUL, and caring. She can make you laugh and smile without doing anything. She is the one person that you would want to keep in your life because to me, she's worth it. She will make you feel that you are wanted in life, she listens to your problems and makes you feel better, she would share her food with you because she's a loving type of person. She's the type of person who likes Strawberry cheescake ice cream, likes watching the sunset by the beach, laying on the meadows by the mountains, and the one who likes to get long hugs from people who are special to her. Just one word of advice for whoever that meets this special girl, NEVER DITCH HER! YOU'LL REGRET IT! I know I did.
Have you met your Linda yet?
Yeah, she's my everything.
#girl #special #caring #nice #beautiful #perfect
by uynnek September 06, 2011
Breathtaking woman with beautiful blue eyes that can look into your soul. Lips that would make any man melt with one kiss. A body of a goddess that oozes sexiness!
A triple "S" threat! SMART, SEXY and SULTRY!

She has the WOW factor!
Linda is Smokin!
#hot #fine #smokin #wow #pl
by IAOYFE January 07, 2012
Linda is Spanish for a cute/beautiful girl. She can be a spicy bitch yet be a sugary sweetie as well. When you meet a Linda you should hold on tight because she's all the flavor you will need in your life. She will treat you like a king but then throw salt on the wounds she's inflicted on you if you wrong her. If you're lucky enough to get her love, you should count your blessings.
Damn, she's muy linda.
#spicy #bitch #sweetie #latina #vengeful
by ~la leche~ March 04, 2010
An English/Ghetto word meaning sexy. Is short and has big eyes. Always in cute pictures. always has the eyes that are always looking at you.
Look at them Linda eyes...she can see about 10 miles with those things.
#lynn #pretty #nick #rad #mom
by tinny-v May 13, 2011
a wonderfullly awesome friend who resembles and otter. Also, someone who generally dominates in tennis.
Linda hits that tennis ball way better than any otter I know!
#indy #awesome tennis player #nonasian asian woman #college scholar #gelato lover
by smile!:D October 19, 2010
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