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Someone really amazing with a beautiful personality.
She'll make you feel alive just by being with her and if you're lucky enough to encounter a Linda, tell her how you feel and don't miss out on the opportunity to be with a Linda! She'll soon be everything you wanted.
Guy 1: "Why didn't I tell Linda how I felt about her back in high school? We could have had the perfect life together. Instead, she's with that other guy now. I totally blew it, didn't I?"
Guy 2: "Yeah... not going to lie to you, buddy, but you should've told Linda how you felt when you had the chance back then."
by hey979 March 17, 2010
776 296
Spanish or italian for "Cute girl".
Mira, aqui viene Linda. mira a Linda que linda es...
by Prettier than thou! November 13, 2003
1930 710
meaning beautiful or cute in spanish..would usually fun,caring and effin awesome in bed! is described mostly to be crazy and not care what others think if her.
that girl over there,jessy, is so linda..
by Undeadx March 05, 2009
1782 809
Spanish adjetive as "beautiful".
This adjetive is used by latin people (Mexico,Argentina...)
Esa chica es muy linda( This girl is very beautiful).
by chocolat_e January 11, 2007
1589 779
Linda is Spanish for a cute/beautiful girl. She can be a spicy bitch yet be a sugary sweetie as well. When you meet a Linda you should hold on tight because she's all the flavor you will need in your life. She will treat you like a king but then throw salt on the wounds she's inflicted on you if you wrong her. If you're lucky enough to get her love, you should count your blessings.
Damn, she's muy linda.
by ~la leche~ March 04, 2010
1176 476
Linda spanish name meaning cute.
Lindaa common name used in the fifties.
Linda meaning caring, helpful, energetic, organized,spiritual,compassionate, thoughtful and hard working.
Que Linda es la nina. (How cute the little girl is)
You got it done so fast!That is so Linda (ish)!

You are so doing a Linda right now!
by Machaca February 03, 2010
700 416
Linda means cute girl in Spanish or Italian.

Most Linda's are quiet. But loud around her friends. She is the best friend you'll ever meet. She's VERY trustworthy and honest. And most of the time gives people a second chance. Linda's Are sometimes really short. ;)

Linda's are very very smart. Linda's can be your BEST FRIEND And someone you can tell anything to. But if you piss her off enough she may be your worst enemy. Linda's usually love dogs, & the colour red. Linda's couldn't care less about shit people say about them and once you meet a Linda you should never let her go. Because sometime in your life. You're really going to need her.
person 1 - Have you met a Linda yet?

person 2 - Yea. And Im never letting her go.
by Hi_I_Love_Tacos_Biotch. November 30, 2011
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