A tiny town outside of boston. Everyone who knows lincoln is probably in shock that this made the website. And everyone can check because anyone who lives in lincoln has 4 computers in there house. Favorite Past time
1.) Farming - anything outside
2.) Getting Lost in the unreasonably large highschool that they have to share with sudbury
3.) breaking into there parents $5000 liquor cabinet
person 1 "What's Lincoln?"

person 2 "I think its that place you drive through to get wayland."

person 1 "I thought that was concord."

person 2 "Nope. I think you hit lincoln for like 2 seconds"
by Freeddy October 24, 2005
v. To uncontrollably throw up all over oneself, one's friends, and one's surroundings, suddenly and without warning.
Fred was looking a bit sick, so his friends told him,

"Don't you dare lincoln on me!"

Unfortunately, it was too late for Fred, and he lincolned all over the carpet.
by thebaus October 31, 2011
A small city in the county of lincolnshire, with a population of around 120,000
Guy 1: Hey, i'm going to a place in the middle of lincolnshire.
Guy 2: Lincoln?
Guy 1: Yeah!
by Luxxx February 07, 2012
Cumming on the back of someone's head.
At the play the other night, I was really horny and I Lincoln'ed on Mary while she was looking away!
by oddice October 04, 2010
1/16 of an ounce in the drug world. Meaning was created 2014 and derives from our "16"th president Abraham Lincoln.

Replaces terms such as "teener" or 'sitter.
Lincoln is much simpler and straight to the point. Teener could be 13, 14 ?? And sitter? Is your babysitter always 16? No. Lincoln is much more appropriate. And most people know where Lincolns place on the presidential roster remains... yes, even the people in the drug community.
Yo, whats the ticket on a lincoln?
by ♥H~Town♥ September 04, 2014
To hold a bowl (device for smoking pot) and not hit it for an extended period of time.
"You always Lincoln the bowl, just hit it and pass it dude."
by Harrison H. November 13, 2005
Small town in Rhode Island. Full of assholes. Usually called Drinkin' Lincoln or L-Town because there's nothing to do here but get drunk and high. Located next to Providence the state capital.
Person 1: Wanna go to Lincoln Woods and smoke a blunt?
Person 2: Sure, nothing else to do without going into Providence.
by svnate9 March 31, 2011
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