Lincoln,MA a small town 20 minutes away from Boston. The town is so small everyone knows peoples business. Soccer is the sport everyone must play. Moms are stay at home moms who drive there SUV's or Volvos. The girls are all snobs and only wear the nicest clothes. The only school in town is k-8 and most kids end up going to some prestigious private school. The houses are huge, and your dad drives a really nice car and probably has several cars. We have 3 gas stations, a small grocery store, and art gallery, something special, and the whistle stop which is the coolest place to hang out when you have a half day. There is no crime so police break up parties and give out speeding tickets due to the speed limit is 20 mph in the town. Yes, Lincoln is really small and rich and probably the most boring town EVER!!!
Lincoln, a small town with farms and minimal street lights.
by Priv@te $ch00lchk March 23, 2006
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An event or action that causes such awe that it blows your mind and causes great confusion.
Or an event or action that is so badass words cannot be expressed to explain it.
I just watched the movie The Machine Girl and im totally lincoln right now.

The song lotion by the greenskeepers totally lincolned me the first time i saw it.

We drank how much alcohol, man im totally lincoln right now.

by Polock Dan July 10, 2008
Luxury division of Ford , named after Abraham Lincoln
The company was founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland
Purchased by Ford Motor Company in 1922
Jeff said "Don't get in that limo unless it a Lincoln"
by buddylee68 November 16, 2006
The coolest person alive, if you ever see him you'll explode. He also has more friends than chuck norris.
Your walking down the street and you explode because the person (obviously a lincoln) walking next to you is so awesome.
by PA††Y November 24, 2011
Five dollar bills
All I get is lincolns for allowance
by Fresh-L December 06, 2003
Lincoln is the capitol of Nebraska and has about 250,000 people. Its mostly white although there are pockets of blacks and there is a small but vibrant vietnamese community. Mostly Lincoln is known as the home of the University of Nebraska and its 5 time national champion Nebraska Cornhuskers. It also has a few museums and stuff and a few good bars including the nationally known Zoo Bar, which is a great blues bar. Other than that, its your typical midwest city.
Lincoln's a nice town, but it's a lot like most other small midwest cities
by BenfromBruno October 12, 2007
A lincoln is when you shave your pubes and then ejaculate in the girls face then throw on your pubes so it looks like abe lincolns beard.
man i gave that bitch a lincoln
by Ryan haagensen September 05, 2007
A tiny town outside of boston. Everyone who knows lincoln is probably in shock that this made the website. And everyone can check because anyone who lives in lincoln has 4 computers in there house. Favorite Past time
1.) Farming - anything outside
2.) Getting Lost in the unreasonably large highschool that they have to share with sudbury
3.) breaking into there parents $5000 liquor cabinet
person 1 "What's Lincoln?"

person 2 "I think its that place you drive through to get wayland."

person 1 "I thought that was concord."

person 2 "Nope. I think you hit lincoln for like 2 seconds"
by Freeddy October 24, 2005

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