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1. A pimp/ette's vehicle, designed for the most comfortable fuck achievable. (I know..) First produced in 1938, 1956-60 the Mark II-V were released under solely the "Continental" name, in 1961 the Continental was completely redesigned from scratch. 60's models were often characterized by suicide doors, a design flaw that makes for an extremely sexy, deadly vehicle. The accelerator must be pressed with a pimp cane, and there are dual goblet holders for you & your hoe passenger's drinking pleasure.
1. "Oh, Sandy..I'm so glad we did it in the Continental!"

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A pimp's ride. Especially the Continental's from the 60's.
See above - "We did it in the rental, Lincoln Continental" - B.I.G.
by Jordan Rishel August 17, 2004
The car that is commonly known as the pimp-ride alternative to the cadillac.
"We did it in a rental, lincoln continental"
by Jacob May 06, 2004