A beautiful lady inside and out. She is intelligent, witty, and lovable in more than one way. Spotlight is on her everywhere she goes for an aura of brightness shines from deep inside.
There goes Lina!
by Chad Brookes February 07, 2010
Someone who is very sweet and always there for the people she loves. Someone who is smart, loyal, and loving. She isn't a fighter, but can be if needed. She will always love a special person in her life. If you have a Lina, treat her right. She deserves to be treated with love and respect. You shouldn't lie, or play with Lina's emotions. Most of all, loyalty and respect is important to her as well! Don't lose her!
Lina loves life and her family.
by 123456789the definition March 30, 2013
The awesomest friend that you will ever have ,
this friend is not that tall , but still the awesomest ,
and this friend probably have a friend named tawtaw
A: Did you meet her?
B: meet who?
A: Lina?
B: you mean awesome Lina ? she is just awesome !
by Tuttu August 20, 2011
Lina is the most beautiful person on this earth. Her smile is insanely beautiful and her eyes are so stunning we can't help stare into them and get lost in her beauty. Shes perfect in every way. And boys, if you ever get yourself a Lina make sure u respect her and show her love because u will forever be in debt with her for her loving you. Lina is extremely gorgeous never let her go because she is priceless.
Person 1: Do you know a Lina ?
Person 2: Yeh I know a Lina she's makes me so happy with her perfection
by Timmy7315 June 22, 2016
Small asian girl that says and does whatever she wants. She's nice..sometimes and lazy. Depending on the day, she could be a complete russian slut or be the most nice person on earth.
You're such a Lina! God, stop being a Lina! You're becoming a Lina..
by smileygiraffe December 02, 2010
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