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lily potter,mother to boy wizard harry potter who inherited her green eyes and profected harry from a curse after she sacrified her self for her only child.wife to james potter.
sister to pertunia dursley.

'i was the only one to see her for what she was....A FREAK!'
i just saw lily potter appear in that mirror next to harry along with james potter.freaky kina s***!
That's some dark magic right there!
by crowie July 21, 2006
AKA: Lily Evans or just Evans.

Dearly departed mum to the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter. Original bearer of the greener than green eyes, and defender of those who cannot/do not defend themselves, such as Severus Snape. Dear wife of James Potter. Murdered protecting her son from the dark Lord Voldemort. Bestower of the protection curse on Harry. A tad one dimensional.
"Hello, I'm Lily Potter, practically perfect in every way."
by Charm March 19, 2004
Harry Potter's mam, i bet she was really fit.
Theres harry potters mam, lily, she is fit.
by Gail Ord May 31, 2005
Not in Gryffindor, that was Lily Evans you bitch.
Random Person: 10 Points to Gryffindor!

Lily Potter: That's Lily Evans, you bitch.
by Birthday Bunny December 20, 2012