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Meaning the Reincarnation of Lilith (Adam's first wife before Ever in Hebrew Mythology). Lilith deriving from the word Leila meaning "Night". Lilith was believed to have been the first wife of adam (the first man created by god) and the first woman ever created. Refusing to lie beneath Adam, Lilith left him and went to become the mate of Lucifer, the fallen prince of heaven. However, in many different other cultures, lilith is also viewed as the queen of witches and/or the queen of vampires.

Lilith Renascence is the current magickal "pagan" name used by an aspiring author and myspacer of whom could be found here: myspace.com/lilithrenascence.
She is hoping to come out with a novel..retelling the life and
reincarnation of Lilith, as well as other biblical characters from mythology.
Lilith Renascence, Lilith Rebirth, Queen of Vampires, Queen of Witches, Queen of Demons, Queen of the Damned reborn.
by anonymous digest October 12, 2009

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