someone extremely good at giving head and, obviously, gorgeous. a legend among men.
"Was she good?"
"Well... she wasn't a Lilia, but she was alright."
by Mike9954 August 29, 2008
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A small purple flying monkey with green wings indegenous to small bondage closets, known for its overwhelming desire to give swirleys to hampsters.
OM MY! There is a Lilia in that small bondage closet!
by Josh The Orgasmic November 30, 2006
1: The a genus of flowering plants.

2: The beautiful song with Latin lyrics.
I just saw a row of Lilium plants in somebody's garden.

The song Lilium lyrics

Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam,
Et lingua eius loquetur indicium.

Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem,
Quaniqm cum probates fuerit accipient coronam vitae.

Kyrie, fons bonitatis
Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison.

O quam sancta, quam serena,
quam benigna, quam amoena esse Virgo creditur.
O quam sancta, quam serena,
quam benigma, quam amoena
O castitatis lilium
by Godium March 22, 2009
Great personality with a hot bod. Makes for a great girlfriend or fuck-buddy.
Josh- "Woah man did you see her? she's got it going on!"
Tom- "Shes great. Shes such a Lilia"
by rafael sanchez January 01, 2008
Awsome-EST to the max-EMER!
Supper Dupper Tasty 8d
cute and nice..
..perfect package
my heart is set on her xD
Will she be mine?
Lilia is soo AMAZING she is both HOT and NICE!!...she is one-of-a-kind!!
by Danny 8] ♥ December 27, 2008

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