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A personusually a black rapper who says the racist term "nigger" frequently.

{Also known as every black rapper out there.}
Dude 1: Are you hearing this song?

Dude 2: yeah.

Dude 1: He is black but he is saying nigger.

Dude 3: Duh, only black people can say nigger.

Dude 1: Thats not true shut the fuck up.

Dude 2: Just another Lil Wayne guys.
by g5flyby May 16, 2011
46 45
The greatest example of how to make creative wackness.
dude: yo whatup Weezy, kick some shit for us nigga.
Lil' Wayne: aight mane, huh, huh, watch this
dude: c'mon nigga
Lil' Wayne: yeah, huh, I'm on like the TV...
dude: aw man get tha fuck outta here
Lil' Wayne: ?? Ain't I the gretest rapper alive?
dude: yeah, but from Mars! Fuckka.
by Buga June 17, 2008
436 435
The Flava Flav of this generation. A self hating piece of shit who hates dark skinned women even though he is dark skinned. He also raps about nothing but money and "Bad bitches" he is the most worthless piece of shit in the industry yet morons both white and black love him. He also kissed Bird Man his "Father figure" on the mouth. Nothing gay about that -_-

He is a stereotype of African American males incarnate all rolled into one yet sadly many look up to him even though he should be legally declared retarded by the state.

Fans regard people like me as "Haters" saying I'm just "Hating" on his wealth and success. Well you band wagon groupies with shitty music taste are just as broke as I am. The difference is, I didn't make a moron rich by buying his shitty CD's with my money.
Me: Nope. I don't listen to Lil Wayne. He's the worst thing to happen to Hip Hop since Tupac died.

Lil Stain Fan: Nah nigga you're a hater! I fucks with Lil weezy mayne real talk!

Me: He kissed Bird Man on the mouth. That's Mas Puto, homie.

Lil Stain Fan: Nah, dawg, he said that was just cuz Birdman was like his father and he was showing dat nigga love!

Me: Yes, because it's totally normal to kiss your father on the lips, not the cheek. It figures you'd like him though. Lil Wayne fans are just as stupid as he is.
by NG 13 September 11, 2013
1 1
The definition of a true hiphop genius. He has many rumors about his talent composing of ghost writers and shooting himself. He free styles and is so intelectually savy, he remembers what he free styles and does not practice. He spits. He will be revered, there is no way of forgetting him and his beautiful MIND. He is also 5'11, though that is not very important. In comparison to the #13 in free masonry, which is a contradiction for those unaware. He is crucial to the industry, which is why so many people dismiss His impecable talent and raw ability. He was shot by a drug dealer, he did not shoot himself. Finito;'P.
Dewayne Carter is and always will be my jtb. Lil wayne is my imaginary friend....
by marymaGcode May 20, 2012
8 9
A dumbass bitch nigger who is a fake ass wanna be a blood nigga, thinks he's a gang banger, and is a disgrace to all rappers of our time.

A faggot that should quit rapping and making gay tracks, and should instead, go and suck Birdman's dick nigga!!

A stupid motha fucken fake ass piru blood nigger
Some examples of rappers that suck just as much dick at rhyming as Lil Wayne does:

Soulja Boy
Hurricane Chris
T Pain
by Jordan BMX June 18, 2009
127 128
A fake ass blood who whole style is based on stupid metahpors and similies and stole his whole swag from gillie tha kid

also got hit in the head wit a bottel and did nothin but walkd off stage with a frown
boy 1: yo u feelin dat new lil wayne?

boy 2: hell naw i dont fuck wit dat false flaggin ass nigga nuthin he say makes sence
by (((((( September 12, 2008
208 209
Am idiotic rasta who tied his dreds too tight and now he has a very retarded voice due to lack of oxygen due to that his mother doing drugs and drinking while she was pregnant and has teardrop tattoos on his face which means he killed people the only thing he killed was his own career. Is recruiting white youths to his fucking nigger cult so we can all just get along fuck that he can suck my fucking balls.
people like lil wayne=all black youth
by the white man marches on May 31, 2010
95 97