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some lazy ass cow that only eats grass and does nothing all day.
by mr.X August 09, 2003
A beautiful Russian girl who tans easily. Always friendly and smiling a great girl who you can always rely on to make you laugh. A great girl to be with, also has great boobs, always makes you feel special, shes indecisive when it comes to guys though.
"That girl over there is such a Lil moo. I'd be lucky to even get her attention over all these other guys."
by babycowluva September 26, 2011
A person who is rebekahs hubby an extreme pervert, also pretty hot and exiting, gives you tingles when u see her, loves chocolate and cake.
Guy one: dude dont you just love that lil moo?
Guy two: yeah man who wouldnt shes got it all, shes so perfect!
by Pink and purple 1234 September 26, 2011