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Lil' Dyl'

Lil' Dyl' is often called;

Dildo; Dill Pickle;

Or of course... Lil' Dyl'!

All referring to penis shaped objects. So, this is obvious that a 'Lil' Dyl'' is a dick! But, a lovable one at that. Who doesn't love a good dildo, or a deeeeeelicious pickle? So, he's obviously a lovable dick. He's obsessed with sex, obviously.

A blonde kid with a haircut shaped like a mushroom.

Often tries to dress gangster, listens to rebellious music, and enjoys the bass guitar.

He's an asshole but his friends love him regardless.

That's a Lil' Dyl'. Oh, he also wishes his name was Leon.
"Who's guy getting a blow job by that Leon character?"

"Oh, that's just a Lil' Dyl'."

"You call that a cock? That's one Lil' Dyl'!"
by LOLZZZZYAAAAAAAA January 22, 2011
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