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Ghetto or Gangsta name for Titusville, FL
Where you live at? Lil' City
by Draxsonimy October 24, 2007

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A Slang Term Or Nickname Used To Refer To The City Of Titusville, Florida. Located In Brevard County, This Area Is Also Commonly Referred To As The Ville, Countdown County, And Numerous Other Aliases. Its Population Are Generally Very Proud Of Where They Come From If They Were Raised There. New Comers Often Adopted The Local's Enthusiasm About Their City. One Can Usually Find Someone Throwing Their LCs Up And Represent 321 Lil City At The Club, Sports Games, And Local Events.
Dude1: "Damn She A Dime! Is She From Cocoa?"

Dude2: "Nah Man, She's From Lil City."
by Nancy Tran August 04, 2008