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lil'fizz is my baby boy,my husband,my boo,and my sweatheart.
now if somebody want fizz,yall might have to come deal with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by khadijah December 24, 2003
16 17
sexy, velumtious full pink lips with jetblack,curly hair and the sexiest smile that will make you weak in the knees in a second !!!!!!!!!!!!
a white chocolate chameleon.
by Dionne December 08, 2003
114 34
Lil Fizz is a part of a group called B2K. he's the rapper of the group. He as 2 siblings (Brooke, & Chez.) He enjoys playing basket-ball and football. (and hez extremely HOT!!!)
I love Lil Fizz
by ebbie January 08, 2004
88 21
Lil fizz fine sexy light skinded brotha who is talented n keeps the ladies wantin more
by samantha aka nina January 03, 2004
107 42
He Is Charming,Handsome,Funny,Loveable,Smart,Sweet,Personal Feelings,and have the sexiest looks.
He is a rapper and know nobody can,t handle that body but him.
by Sharmaine January 24, 2004
75 13
Cutie not by choice but by Gods Blessing. y, hot,delicious and the finest light skinned cutie you will ever see.
The iceing on my cake and the cherry on top of my sunday!
by Shovonda Monea December 03, 2003
81 30
sexy,fine,carmelicious,my "choclate" fantasy,fine and mine.
big bootie (booty)
by keyona Smith February 16, 2004
79 31
lil fizz is a wondrful talented young man, he is also a cute looking young man whose future is bright.
you love singing and dancing, hey i love doing the same thing like you so keep it up, i love and will keep supporting you and your group.
by Danita December 03, 2003
56 13