a facebook user who constantly press on the 'like' on everything - peoples' status, photos, activities and so on.

their recent activity looks like this:
John likes Gabriella Cohen's photo.
John likes Tony Brown's status.
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"omg! tim, the hot guy from my class, likes my status!"
"relax, girl. nothing to be excited about; he's a likeaholic."
by Varda Leshem April 21, 2010
Top Definition
A likeaholic is someone on facebook who likes everything they see. Instead of writing a more meaningful comment, they press the 'like' button. This becomes an addictive quality in the person and they are known widely across the internet for it.
"Look at these pictures from Jane's prom! I am going to like them all"
"You're such a likaholic"


"Hey did you read my facebook status?"
"Yeah, I always 'like' them"
"Ugh, likeaholics"
by Justchillin154 February 28, 2010
an unhealthy addiction to clicking facebook's "like" button on every group he/she believe is funny or relates to their lives
*looking at the News Feed*

Friend likes Screw a Wish...I could really use a drink right now. on (●̮̮̃•̃).
29 minutes ago · Like

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.....wow their a likeaholic
by thatguy1000000 August 03, 2010
Constantly viewing your post on Facebook to see how many likes it has obtained.
Stacey is such a Like-aholic she is always telling me how many likes her "funny" comments got she needs help.
by First Loser November 29, 2011
An inappropriate user of conversational "like"
The student was found to be a likeaholic as the teacher found the student used the word like unnecessarily in sentences.
by Samanyika September 22, 2014
Noun. Someone who feels compelled to like every post they see on Facebook.
Anna is such a likeaholic. Let's see if she "likes" this picture of my yogurt.
by Somebody47 June 18, 2013
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