an amazing display of lightning, as in a lightning storm, usualy all over the sky.
Fantastic light show tonight.
by Puma1 July 05, 2011
Top Definition
A dance using glow sticks or micro lights usually performed at a rave or dance clubs.
"Whoa! Cech out the etards doing light shows."
by Crakrjak November 26, 2003
n. a display of lights and touches administered with glowsticks, flashing LEDs, etc. by a person to another who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, particularly ecstasy. This is done in order to enhance mental stimulation provided by the vision-altering substance.
Dude, I just gave a lightshow to that high guy, and he nearly passed out!
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
Hand dancing with glow sticks. Usually done at a rave
People give you light shows when you are rolling. The colors get brighter and you get attracted to them.
by kaka moo February 24, 2010
usually used to describe a hockey game with more than 4 goals scored. Because the goal light is going off so much.
"Dude im going to the Burnsville hockey game tonight, its gonna be a light show."

"Hey, did you see the lightshow last night at the xcel center?"
by Dan Dubs November 26, 2007
When you creep into a girls room with the lights off and ejaculate on her face, while she is still sleeping. When you go to leave the room you flick the lights on and off and yell "lightshow!"
John snuck into Jenny's room last night and ejaculated on her face while she was still asleep. As he snuck out of the room he flicked the light switch on and off and yelled "lightshow!"
by Durk Dunkurk January 05, 2010
n. the dazzling display put on by someone wearing a lot of expensive, well-cut, flashy jewelry...fondly known in the hip-hop community asbling.
"As long as the VS bling, look at that light show..."
~ 50 Cent
by BlingMiss March 10, 2005
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