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A condition experienced during a workout caused by lifting heavy weights. Generally, occurs when performing squats. Lifter's Leak transpires when the weight being lifted offsets the ability to keep one's sphincter clamped shut. As a result, more energy and focus is required to lift the weight resulting in a momentary of loss of control of the anal sphincter during which time flatulence or a combination of flatulence and feces will leak out. The lifter will generally react by quickly clamping the sphincter muscle to permit only a minor release. However, this is often results in a prompt termination of the workout or worse, complete loss of control of the weights being lifted.
During his early morning workout, Juan regretted his prior evening out on the town whereby he consumed copious amounts of fresh oysters and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. During the third rep of his squat routine, Juan lost control and suffered from Lifter's Leak. To prevent a full on shart, Juan slammed the weights to the floor and quickly ran to the locker room ending his routine prematurely.
by Sal Manilla April 04, 2013
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