A very entertaining duo of Starcraft shoutcasters, Maximusblack and Novawar. Unlike other casters who only do pro games, these two Canucks do commentary on games all across the ladder, allowing us all to laugh while noobs "shit the bed".

Plus, they cast When Cheese Fails, featuring the strangest, most cheesy strategies players have come up with.
If you are new at Starcraft, check out LifesaglitchTV on Youtube. You can learn a lot from other's mistakes, having a good laugh while you're at it.
by Whatnao September 21, 2011
Top Definition
LifesAGlitchTV (or LagTV for short), is a Starcraft II Youtube channel that broadcasts When Cheese Fails, a series of game replays featuring cheesers, people who try to quickly win a game with an unconventional strategy.

Hosted by NovaWar and MaximusBlack (aka Adam and Jeff) from Canuckville, Canada, who are well-known for their catchphrases like "Shit the bed", "Sour about life", and "Bob the Zealot".
Did you see LifesAGlitchTV's new episode?

Yeah, it was hilarious, and I don't even play Starcraft!
by AeroMance July 28, 2011

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