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The definition should read *Life, StormHunterPSU, & Annoymous
Now all of you kindly go fuck yourselves!
by marylandgrl22 December 05, 2004
life(Probably gross hag covered in stretch marks melinda)StormHunterPSU(nasty wife beating Jeff), Friend(fat gay todd that's fixated with Diana)are all idiots that lerk on this site and many others posting anything from grade school insults in the form of a urban definitions to fake personal ads on other sites. People that do not and never will have any moral values, good looks, or a life. Grow up Faggies... we see your shit... we don't CARE!!!!
Life, StormHunterPSU, & Friend are all idiots that live on the internet and have no sex lives, or lives period. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!! When they get too scared to post shit about me or diana in chat on their regular names you can find them on sites like this one trying to hide pathetically on other identities... why so scared!??? Well they're chicken shits that don't like their real names and addresses going out!!!! Can't top it when you're so stupid you threaten and harass young females about posting their shit but can't find it, then have it done to yourselves instead. Fuck all of you losers!!!! STDs kill... DIE ALREADY!!!!!!!
by marylandgrl22 December 05, 2004
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