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The desires for power and money. You could play it safe and go to college, get a good job and survive, but you're willing to live life on the edge to get your chance to fuck the world; Things you can become a slave to, e.g. expensive clothes, cars, a big house, flashy lifestyle etc... that you're risking a lot to obtain; Dreams that cost money.

Risking something for your loved one is not a life ill. A life ill is usually a material possession that nobody needs but everyone wants that not everyone is willing to work for.

"Go big or go home."
Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of a prestigious college because he felt he had a chance to do something bigger, he ended up succeeding severely.

A lot of underground rappers will fail, they know that coming up is hard. But they do it for the chance to blow up with the unique skills they have to offer. That shit won't get you anywhere in the working class world but unknown rappers (the ones usually coming from low income neighborhoods) will keep risking it for a chance at a new lifestyle; chasing life ills.
#life ill #life #ills #ill #illz #problems #shortcomings #humble #grinding #work #dreams
by C. U. May 21, 2013
the ups and downs one goes through in life. the stories of your life, negative or positive.
its hard to keep sanity with all these life ills in my brain.
#life ills #sanity #life #stories #negative #positive
by ola lila May 02, 2008
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